1) Saturday, 21st May, 6.30pm onwards, pop up pub, with traditional and non traditional games and pizzas will be available,
2) Fun day, Saturday 4th June, Football Club.
3) General ask/request, for Queens 90th birthday celebrations, on Sunday, 12th June a party/picnic at church/hall is being organised, bunting is being put up through out village and it has been suggested that people may like to decorate, their house fronts/road sides, with red, white, blue flowers/decorations.

Events update

April 2016
Quiz, Friday 1st, 8pm
Bingo, Thursday 14th, 8pm
Pub nite, Friday 15th
Cinema, Wednesday 20th

May 2016
Pre-school quiz, Friday, 6th.
Bingo, Thursday 12th, 8pm
Cinema, Wednesday 18th, 7.30pm for 8pm start.
Pub night, Friday 20th, 7.30pm onwards