October 1935 photographed by Emeny Family Photos of Felixstowe

From October 1935 photographed by Emeny Family Photos of Felixstowe

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    Coronavirus update

    We've delivered contacts to everyone in the village - for anyone isolated to get in touch with a neighbour ...

    Thanks to all who responded and added their names.


    Men's Breakfast 14th March

    We had an interesting talk on Vetting with a Breakfast at the Village Hall - with lots of interesting history, and some savage looking tools! A good turn out this morning.

    Tool selection!


    Tennis pages updated for 2020 to 2021

    The Tennis pages and forms have been updated for 2020 to 2021.

    See The Tennis pages for details


    Updating news issues


    Sorry, I'm having trouble updating the news, do look to other information sources such as:

    • The Facebook Pages

    • The Community Council and Ten Village news


    December Events

    30th November Christmas Bazaar VH

    6 Quiz VH

    9 Cinema VH 8pm "Yesterday"

    12 Quiz Football Club 8pm

    14 Men's Breakfast VH 8.20 am

    14 Village Cabaret VH

    20 Third Friday Inn VH

    24 Lunchtime drinks Football Club

    • Santa's Sleigh

    • Village Hall open

    24 January Burns night VH


    Stonham Aspal Village Cinema

    8PM in the Village Hall, £3 for refreshments

    5th November - Belle

    9th December - Yesterday

    7th January - TBA

    6th February - Fishermans Friends

    3rd March - TBA