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    Friends of Debenham Library

    See www.suffolklibraries.co.uk/coronavirus for the latest details

    Libraries are now open again for “Select and Collect” service and reservations so that people can request and pick up items from their library.

    There will be no rush to bring items back as loan periods will again be extended and charges suspended. Browsing inside libraries and the use of computers will remain unavailable for the time being. The mobile library services and home library service will also remain suspended for now.

    As always our plans are dependent on any changes in infection rates or government guidance.

    At Debenham the garden outside the library has been receiving attention, and we have planted primulas in the letters SRH cut in the grass beside the drive. We hope they will still be there when you visit, despite the snow and cold!

    For free audiobooks, ebooks, films, newspapers/magazines and other online services, use your library card at  www.suffolklibraries.co.uk. There are also podcasts and videos available on the YouTube channel www.youtube.com/user/SuffolkLibraries.

    • Book ahead to use a computer: phone or email the library; or just turn up. Printing, faxing and photocopying are also available.
    •   We have reintroduced charges for overdue items. This will only apply to items borrowed on or after Monday 5 October which are due back on 2 November onwards. Library loan periods will remain at four weeks.
    •   We have also reintroduced charges for DVDs.

    School corner, Debenham IP14 6PL (next to the Primary School). Opening hours:

    Tuesday:     0930 am – 1300 pm        Wednesday : 1500  – 1930 pm

    Saturday:     0900 am – 1300 pm        Sunday:         1200 – 1600 pm

    Tel: 01728 861940      www.suffolklibraries.co.uk/visit/locations-and-times/debenham-library
    Facebook: @DebenhamLibraryFriends          Email: debenham.library@suffolklibraries.co.uk


    Notes from The Cart Track February 13th 2021

    What a selection of weather conditions we have had over the last three weeks, floods, gales, brilliant sun, fog and snowfall, which has turned the Suffolk Lowlands into something much more exotic. I am very glad that after four decades of being tied to pigs’ tails I do not have to worry about thawing out water pipes and pig drinkers each morning. I am not looking forward to the result of 15 cm of snow melting onto already saturated land but perhaps we will get some drying winds to sort it all out.

    We are part of Suffolk highways conscripted snow clearance contractors who get called upon to clear snow drifts on the minor roads in the area. We use our telescopic loader and JCB digger to assist doing A roads first, B roads second and the smaller roads last. People watching from the cab is a fascinating experience. Adverse weather really does bring out the best and worse in drivers. Clearing single track roads which are impassable is the best experience because nothing can get past so progress can be rapid. A roads which are partially blocked can be exciting because it is legal to travel at 60mph even when it is icy! B roads on which one track has been cleared are the worst because drivers coming up behind
    Can see a way through and expect the snow clearing vehicle to get out of their way instantly. Some of my fellow contractors employed a crafty method where they created a snow drift behind and in front of the genuine one to allow them to work without interruption for a while. Probably not officially allowed but very effective and much easier on the nerves. I begin to have sympathy with the road closure signs which annoy us all so much! There is an expectation that road users should be able to go wherever they want at any hour of the day or night and in any weather conditions. I suppose that swearing at a digger driver who is clearing a snow drift on the road has to be expected in this world of instant gratification.

    This years snow clearance has been the best organised ever in my experience. We were put on standby 48 hours ahead of the snow and given a mobile number to ring if conditions got bad. We were not allowed out in the dark but were called at 6.30am and told which roads we were responsible for and given a priority list. At the end of each day we were contacted for a progress report and hours worked. The highways get a lot of stick over potholes, verges and road surfacing, but I cannot fault the way they dealt with the snow.

    Did any of you do the RSPB garden bird watch at the end of January? We had 15 species this year with Jay, great spotted woodpecker and song thrush being the favourites. The first morning’s snow brought 11 chaffinches, presumably shifted off our field of bird seed because of the wind. Our bird feeders have been a great experience during this last year’s confinement

    David Tydeman


    From The Rectory – March 2021 - Dawn

    Picture the scene for a moment. It’s early morning and dawn is breaking. Alone in the garden you watch as the first shadowy trees emerge, silhouetted against the dawn sky. It will be a warm spring morning. Soon, in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city, this will be a place of peaceful refuge, but for the moment all is quiet, all is still. At this hour the city still sleeps and you are alone.

    Except, not everyone is sleeping. By a fresh grave stands a young woman. She is weeping. She has come here mourning for a friend; a man she loved; a man who had given her a sense of dignity and purpose. She had joined him on a journey, full of hope and expectation. Now he lies dead; murdered. Now she has come to mourn his passing and as she does, she mourns for herself too. She stands and weeps. The grave is as empty as her heart; where have they taken him, why couldn’t they just leave his body in peace?

    The woman at the graveside is Mary Magdalene, it’s Easter morning and the grave she has come to is Jesus’. [It feels strange to be writing about Easter before we have even started Lent. But this is a story for our time.]

    Now is a season of mourning. As we mourn for those who have died; we also mourn a wider loss: jobs, businesses, friendships and family connections; education and the many joys and challenges for young people just branching out into the world; plans for retirement and closing years; above all, perhaps, a sense of a loss of freedom. We mourn as if the life we know has been stolen from us.

    St John (John 20:11-18) tells us that as Mary wept a man appeared behind her. “Why are you weeping? For whom are you looking?” he asked. Slowly the penny drops. Jesus is alive. The tomb is empty because he no longer needs it. “Do not hold on to me” he says. Now, seeing him before her once more, she has to let him go again, but now she knows she is letting go, not into death but into new life. As we watch them both go, Mary back to the city, Jesus to his father, a new day has dawned. Where will that day take us?

    Rev Philip


    Church News February 2021

    St Mary and St Lambert,

    Stonham Aspal and Mickfield


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    Sundays 9.30am Morning Worship
    Wednesdays 9.00am Morning Prayer
    Fridays   Friday 5 March Sunday 14 March Sunday 28 March 6.30pm   6.30pm 9.30am 9.30am Compline   World Day of Prayer Mothering Sunday Worship Palm Sunday Worship


    Activities for children during Lent have been delivered to families around the parish. The activities began with the launch of the Bishops’ Kagera Lent Appeal on Ash Wednesday and follow with more for all the weeks during Lent, including World Day of Prayer, Mothering Sunday, Palm Sunday and Easter.


    This year the day of prayer has been prepared by the Christian Women of Vanuatu which is just over 1,100 miles east of Australia in the Pacific Ocean. To find out more about Vanuatu and to join in this world wide ecumenical day of prayer contact Ruth for the link. The service will be held on Zoom at 6.30pm on 5 March.


    The service at 9.30am on Sunday 14 March on Zoom will celebrate ‘mothering’ in all its diverse forms, and remember how young women in service in the past would make the journey home to their ‘Mother Church’ mid-way through Lent.


    As I write this we are still in lockdown and are not expecting that much will change before Easter, so our usual walk with a donkey will once again be impossible. We will celebrate Palm Sunday in a different way, on Zoom at 9.30am on 28 March, remembering Christ’s final journey into Jerusalem.


    We have some pennies to give out, congratulations to all those who have been lucky in the January and February draw. Thank you to all those who continue to support this village hall and church fundraiser. A donation of £12 gives one number which is included in the draw each month of the year, with prize money being doubled up for December. If you are not already in the draw and would like to take part, please contact me on 711393 or alexjenkinson@btopenworld.com

    Once again thank you again for supporting this fundraiser during these challenging times, it is very much appreciated. Alex

    January Winners

    1st prize £50 No 18 H Fuller

    2nd prize £20 No 61 L Power

    =3rd prize £15 No 213 J Mitchel

    =3rd prize £15 No 47 M Greaves

    February Winners

    1st prize £50 No 7 G Kinsey

    2nd prize £20 No 73 J Wright

    =3rd prize £15 No 103 R Boulton

    =3rd prize £15 No 213 J Mitchel


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