Do you want much faster and reliable Broadband?

Thank you for your inputs. The poll is now closed.

BT Openreach have now accepted that we are interested in a Community Fibre Project for the Village. I now have 2 weeks to enter details of interested people and properties.

There is NO OBLIGATION to take up the option if you express interest. There is fibre in Mill Green, but not Stonham Aspal Village. We have Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), but this gives us much slower speeds, and for some of us it is less reliable. We will get direct Fibre to the Premises (FTTP).

We should get a Government Subsidy, of £1500 per property, or £3500 if you run a small business from the property.

The plan is to get Fibre direct to every property, using your existing provider (at their standard normal cost), to give you speeds of 300 Mbps. Much more than we have now.