Notes from the cart track - January 2021

    The first ten days of the new decade has given us a little frost, rain, fog and sunshine but no gales yet. At least leaving the European Union has not removed the variable British weather that we know and love! As one who did not want to leave, I must say that I am very relieved that even a poor deal has been struck and we must now all forget what has been in the past and make the best of what is to come. Some of the changes will be to our advantage, some will not. It seems that leisure travel will be messier which may result in more people staying in the UK. I hope that will not mean that our Suffolk roads will become much busier. A brief Sunday trip to North Norfolk, in our motor home last July, was so dire because of congestion on the narrow lanes, that Stonham Aspal seemed the best place around for leisure activities. It would appear that the quantity of folks walking, cycling, running and riding the footpaths on the farm since last March would indicate that others have the same idea.

    Since the last notes, the only work done on the land has been to mark out the cover crops ready for spraying off before spring sowing and to drill our neighbours ex-sugar beet land with wheat. Conditions have been too wet to sow our two fields at Crowfield with oats. If the land remains saturated for the next month, that plan will have to be abandoned and beans put in instead. Spraying off the cover crops will be a challenge. They have grown very well through the wet warm autumn to the extent that, had the mixture been one we could harvest in some way, we would be highly delighted. We now have to spray them with a hefty dose of round-up which needs a dry leaf to stick to. Rather difficult to achieve with the very lush phacelia shielding the rye underneath. Dry days in February tend to be accompanied by strong wind. Not ideal spraying weather.
    Many sugar beet growers this year had the worst crops they have grown for many seasons.

    Partly due to unfavourable weather conditions but also to the ban on neonicotinoid seed dressings which were used to protect the crop from aphid attack. Aphids carry a virus which infects the plant with ‘sugar beet yellows’. Many crops this year were badly affected and the sugar content was anything up to 25% less. In some cases crops could have become unprofitable which in a high value crop like beet is very serious both to British Sugar ad the grower. So neonics are being allowed again for one year but with stringent rules. If a grower uses a neonic seed dressing on beet no flowering crop, such as beans, peas, linseed or a bird/pollinator mix can be grown for two year and no rape for 3 years on that field. The powers that be are obviously not going to allow us to protect our rape crops in this way. I have to say that I am very concerned about being pushed into using several doses of a kill all pyrethroid insecticide to try and protect the rape. This does not feel like sustainable farming.

    Let’s hope that a better way can be found to grow a good safe oil producing crop for the UK
    David Tydeman


    Mickfield Evangelical Church January 2020

    We’re all living in this same situation. We’re all trying to live our day-to-day lives. We’re all having to make difficult decisions. How does a Christian view what’s going on?

    For what it’s worth here’s a few ways we approach the virus:

    First up, we’re not surprised, but saddened. Sorry if that sounds glib. Or trite. It’s not meant to be. As Christian’s we believe that the world is fundamentally good. It’s God’s good creation. But it’s become a fallen and broken world. So, we know that we will experience illness, viruses, and sadness. And we are deeply moved and saddened by all that’s happening. It’s affected us personally in a variety of ways. Covid-19 is a particularly nasty virus. Perhaps you’ve felt that sense that this isn’t how life should be? That It’s just, not right? We’d agree. The world is not as it should be. It’s good, but broken. It’s beautiful, but disfigured. All at the same time.

    Next, we’re not passive, but active. I hope. As Christian’s we can’t just say “oh well never mind”. The bible teaches us to take great care around human life. To love our neighbour. To take steps to protect other people. To care for the vulnerable and needy in our society. We applaud our emergency services, our NHS, carers, all sorts of key workers and frontline health care professionals and so on. They do a fantastic job. We have a number of NHS workers in our church. And other key workers. Jesus came into our world of sadness’s and illnesses and viruses and had compassion on people. He healed people. He spent time with people. As a church, we’re being cautious and careful regarding all the basics of social distancing, hygiene, ventilation and so on. Currently we’re open on a Sunday for a very short, 30min, small-scale outdoor service. All our other meetings are held on Zoom. This situation is evolving all the time. We may find ourselves closed again. And as individuals, like you, we’re doing what we can to help others.

    Finally, perhaps most importantly, we’re not hopeless but hopeful. Personally, I have great confidence in the vaccine programme, and I hope that the lock-down and warmer weather will combine with this, alongside the valiant efforts of the NHS. And I hope the summer will bring better times. But I have a hope that isn’t built on my next holiday, or the NHS or the vaccine or even the total removal of Covid-19 from our lives. My hope is grounded in something much more secure. Something outside of all this. Something much more certain. The life, death and resurrection of Jesus. My solid foundation for life is this: that because he conquered death, I can have forever life. Ultimately that’s what gets me out of bed in the morning. That’s what’s getting me through this crisis. That’s something that nothing and no-one can take away. 

    Rich T


    Stonham Aspal Village Survey

    Have your say!
    Our Parish Survey is now available, please take a few moments to complete the survey, this will let the Parish Council know what is important to you.
    Ways to complete the survey:
    The link is available on the village Facebook page.
    Village Facebook page name: Stonham Aspal Village, Suffolk
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    From The Rectory – A Beautiful Day

    It has been a wonderful day.  White frost glistened in the golden sunlight.  Trees, dripping melting ice, stood boldly against a clear wintry-blue sky.  Birds busied themselves, no doubt making the most of the sun’s warmth after a miserable few days.  Although the thermometer read zero, there was a feeling of warmth in the sunlit air.  As we took our regulation walk, the beauty of it all lifted our spirits, and the spirits of all who we met on our travels.

    It is not only the sun which brings beauty and lifts the spirits.  In recent days a new neighbour has moved in.  Looking up from my desk one recent morning I saw on the drive, wings outstretched and with the sunlight catching on his rich brown coat, a kestrel; just a few yards from the study window.  Our seventh winter; and although we often see kestrels in the fields this is the first time that we have seen one in the Rectory garden.  He (or she we’re not sure which) has visited several times since then.  The kestrel is not the only new arrival.  Migrant blackbirds have arrived in force.  Every year in autumn, we gather windfall fruit around the base of our mighty pear tree.  There it gently ferments until the blackbirds arrive, then swiftly it vanishes.

    Now all is quiet.  The mist has risen, the sky turns grey and the temperature is falling; night will soon be upon us.  The daily news remains gloomy, the depths of winter are probably still to come but everywhere we look; across the garden and in the fields around us, there are signs of new life.  One swallow may not a summer make (and the swallows are still many months away) but a day like today lifts the soul.   The earth is the Lord's, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein. (Psalm 24:1).  Thank God that he shares its’ beauty with us.

    Rev Philip

    February 2021


    Dr Dan Poulter MP January 2021

    02 January 2021

    At the time of my writing, the Prime Minister has addressed the nation once more and we find ourselves living under further restrictions, with the current advice being to stay at home to stop the spread of coronavirus.

    Whilst there is no doubt that in fighting the old variant of the virus, our collective efforts were working, but we now face the added challenge of the new strain of the virus, which is between 50% and 70% more transmissible. This new strain has led to a rapid surge in infections, hospital admissions and increased case rates across the country, including here in Suffolk.

    If we are to protect our NHS and in turn, ourselves and our loved ones, we must all play our part and follow the guidance so that our NHS can focus on the herculean task of delivering the critical vaccination programme. It is the vaccination that will finally free us from this virus and the restrictions it brings to all our daily lives

    Vaccinations have already begun here in Suffolk and I have been lobbying Ministers and Public Health colleagues to ensure that we have adequate site provision here in Central Suffolk and North Ipswich. Our public health team and NHS colleagues here in Suffolk are working tirelessly to deliver the vaccines as quickly and efficiently as possible, to those most in need and I would echo their plea to ask residents not to block phone lines to GP surgeries or hospitals enquiring about when the vaccine might be available – residents will be contacted directly, in turn, and invited to attend their nearest site for vaccination.

    Whilst I and indeed, our Prime Minister, understand just how frustrating this latest lockdown is, it is vital that we all continue to take the necessary precautions to protect ourselves and those most vulnerable in our communities and to slow the spread of the virus.  Again, I would like to thank each and every one of you who are continuing to play your part and following the rules – we’re all in this together and the sooner we stick with it, the sooner we can start to return to normal.

    It is vital that throughout lockdown, we continue to protect jobs and our local economy, and the Chancellor has unveiled further financial support for businesses and individuals.  Locally, the Suffolk Support and Advice Line can help with financial and employment advice - 0800 068 3131.  In addition, the Home But Not Alone free phoneline, supporting the most vulnerable in our communities is available via 0800 876 6926. Both lines are staffed from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

    As your MP, I shall always work hard for the people of Central Suffolk and North Ipswich and if there is anything I can help with, please get in touch via


    Santa to visit Stonham Aspal

    We are hoping Santa will visit Stonham Aspal this Christmas Eve starting form Park farm at 6 PM on the Sleigh. We hope to be playing carols and going up as far as Mickfield.

    Please come and see us!


    Stonham Aspal Church December 2020

    Happy Christmas from St Mary and St Lambert


    Happy Christmas!


    There may be changes to services due to Covid 19 regulations. More up to date information can be found on the weekly Pew Sheet. If you would like to be added to the email circulation please send your email address to


    Sundays 9.30am Morning Worship
    Wednesdays 9.00am Morning Prayer
    Fridays   Sunday 20 December Monday 21 December Thursday 24 December  Christmas Eve Friday 25 December Christmas Day   6.30pm   6.30pm 7.00pm 4.00pm   10.00am Evening Prayer   Carol Service Longest Night Crib Service   Morning Worship for Christmas Day
    Zoom services

    In order to attend please email and Ruth will send you the link.


    Thursday 24 December Christmas Eve 11.30pm Midnight Eucharist  
    Benefice service

    For services in the church building masks must be worn, social distancing will be practised, there will be no singing or refreshments. Please let Rev. Philip know by 6pm Tuesday 22 December if you intend to come to Midnight Eucharist on 01449711684 or He will need your name, contact details and the number of people with you.


    With the constraints of Covid we are still unable to sing in the church buildings, so we are planning two carol services across the Benefice. The first of these are Drive In Services on Sunday 13 December at the carpark by Gosbeck Village Hall at 2pm and 3.30pm. As the carpark can only hold a limited number of cars two services are planned. They will be identical, so you are only able to come to one or the other. The church band will lead the singing and you will be able to join in to your hearts content, but you will need to stay in your car which will be parked at a distance from the next ones. Booking a place will be essential so you will need to contact Philip by 6pm on Friday 11 December, informing him which service you wish to attend and giving him your name and the number of people there will be in your car.

    There will also be a Zoom Carol Service on Sunday 20 December at 6.30pm.  As you will be joining this service from your own home you will be able to sing as loudly as you like! Ask Ruth for the link by emailing if you are not already on her email list.  

    BLUE CHRISTMAS on the LONGEST NIGHT - 21 December

    There will be two services on this day, the first at 2.30pm in Earl Stonham Church. The second will be a repeat of it on Zoom at 7.00pm. This is a new venture and is for those who may be finding this Christmas difficult for whatever reason. It will be a short service of readings, prayers and music. Hopefully, it will bring some comfort and joy. There will be no singing in Earl Stonham Church, but you can join in with singing on the Zoom service. Everyone welcome, but please ensure you book with Philip two days before for the physical service or with Ruth, if you are not on her mailing list, for the Zoom service.

    CRIB SERVICE – Thursday 24 December, Christmas Eve

    A crib service with a difference! This time it will be on Zoom as we are still not able to accommodate large numbers in the church building. So, meet us at 4pm on Zoom and we will be telling the Christmas story in words and song. If you have your own nativity set have this with you so you can put the characters in place as we go along. If you would like to bring your teddy, dressed as a character from the story, with you please do and you will be able to hold them up to your screen during the service. It will be different, but hopefully fun! See you there. Don’t forget to let Ruth know you want to come to get the link!


    11.30pm will see the church building brightly lit as we gather inside for our Midnight service of Holy Communion. There will be music, but no singing, In line with Covid regulations and masks will be worn. During the service there will be the opportunity to receive Communion, but only the bread. You will be able to remove your mask when you have returned to your seat in order to eat the bread.  Everyone welcome at this very different Midnight service.


    There will be two Christmas day services, one at Earl Stonham church and one on Zoom. Both will start at 10am. Please attend whichever you would like, but remember to book with Philip for the physical service or to let Ruth know you would like the link for Zoom if you are not on her regular mailing list.


    As we come  to the end of the church’s financial year,  we would like to give you a ‘state of the union’ report on how we feel your church of St Mary and St Lambert has coped with the interruption of normal activities.  We have all missed the opportunities to meet in the church building to pray, sing and socialise together.  The Zoom services have been well attended and have been vital for collective worship to continue.  Some folks have enjoyed them so much that they will probably continue even when a new normality returns.  For the infirm and non-drivers, they have been a lifeline and have enabled us to meet people from other parishes and look forward to Benefice services in the future.

    We remain hopeful that our congregation will return when we are again allowed to hold services and social gatherings such as Coffee Inn.  But we have to face the possibility that some people will be unable to play as large a part in church life as they have done in the past.  We need some younger volunteers to help in the running of the church as many of us who are active in the work are well into our twilight years. The next ten years will see enormous changes as the super tanker of the Church of England responds to post Covid life.  The survival of the C of E worship in Stonham Aspal and Mickfield will depend on folks well under pensionable age, not the current organisers. 

    Finally, could we ask you to consider finance.  We have been unable to hold fund raising events this year.  Many have made extra donations to help us pay for insurance, heating, electricity and maintenance, plus our parish share, which funds our clergy, is approaching £800 a month.  We have a deficit of about £2,000 at present and we will probably not be able to resume normal services for several months.  Any donations would be very welcome, especially a regular contribution by standing order to:

    • Stonham Aspal and Mickfield P.C.C.
    • Sort Code:                   20-82-75
    • Account Number:       70836389

    If you pay UK Income Tax, please consider Gift Aiding your donation. This will enable the church to reclaim a further 25% from HMRC, details from James as below.

    Treasurer – James Mackintosh, Longshaw, The Street, Stonham Aspal

    Tel: 07780 575505                    email:

    Thank you all and every blessing for what we hope will be a Joyful and Memorable Christmas

    David Tydeman and Alex Pratt  (Churchwardens)


    Congratulations to the October 200 club draw winners.

    • 1st prize £50 no 62 Mr Cage
    • 2nd prize £20 no 207 M Jones
    • =3rd prize £15 no 60 J Mitson
    • =3rd prize £15 no 138 Mr Timms

    And congratulations to the November 200 club draw winners.

    • 1st prize £50 no 247 C Warren
    • 2nd prize £20 no 94 Southgate
    • =3rd prize £15 no 29 G Yates
    • =3rd prize £15 no 229 H Gardiner

    It is really good to be handing out more winnings, and the December draw will be the usual doubled prize money, with lucky winners receiving £100, £40, £30, £30.

    On writing this we only have around twelve subs outstanding, thank you to everyone who has paid direct into the bank, or put cash and cheques through my door. A special big thank you to those who have set up standing orders to pay for their subs each year, please, please if you wish to save paperwork, why not set one up ready for next year!

    For more details on joining this fundraiser please contact me on or 01449 711393

    Alex Pratt

    Lock Down Ladies ……that once enjoyed Brunch!

    Hello, here we are again, zooming to keep in touch. In November I once again started up a zoom evening so that we can chat, see friendly faces and keep in contact. It’s open to anyone,  just as the Brunches were, but this is great because I don’t have to clean up beforehand…… but I am so looking forward to squeezing you in around the dining room table again…. and making Chelsea buns…… and cooking a big fry up. It will be very special when it does happen!!

    Never Zoomed before? It is easy. I send out an email on the day of the zoom which contains a link for you to click on. The first time you use zoom it will give you some extra details, but it is very straightforward. Why not give it a go. Contact me on for you to be added to the email list.

    The zooms will be held on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, probably alternating between and it will last 40 minutes. You can join now and again, whenever it fits in with you.

    Bring along your cup of tea or a glass of good cheer as we keep in contact, keep supporting and growing a bigger circle of friends.

    Alex Pratt


    St Mary and St Lambert Stonham Aspal and Mickfield

    Every Sunday during September there will be Morning Worship via Zoom at 9.30am with midweek services of Morning Prayer on Tuesdays at 9am, and Evening Prayer on Fridays at 6.30pm. In order to ‘attend’ please email and Ruth will send you the link. You are invited to attend any service, on line or in any church building, they are all Benefice services open to everyone.


    6 September 11.00am Holy Communion Please let Philip know by 6pm Saturday if you intend to come by 711684 or
    27 September 2.30pm Harvest at the Farm  


    We look forward to welcoming you to the first service in our church building since lockdown. It will be at 11am on Sunday 6 September. Please stay 2m away from everyone who is not a member of your household and wear a face covering. We will meet you as you arrive and explain the seating arrangements and other details. An order of service will have been put on your seat by someone who has sanitised their hands. There will be music, but no singing. If you wish to take communion please come up the main aisle to the nave altar and stand at a distance while silently receiving the bread then use the side aisle to the right to return to your seat. At the end of the service leave by the south chancel door where there will be a plate for your offering and place your order of service in the box. Please maintain 2m distance from everyone as you leave.

    HARVEST AT THE FARM - Come as you are, in your car!

    Join in our drive-in Benefice Service to celebrate the end of the Harvest in a field at Broughton Hall on Sunday 27 September at 2.30pm. Drive to the service and park as directed a car’s width from the next car.  Stay in your car with your windows open to join in the fun. The Church Band will be providing the music and singing is encouraged! There will be more details on the pew sheet nearer to the time, or from Frankie or David


    As things currently stand, this year’s Suffolk Historic Churches Trust Sponsored Ride and Stride will be taking place on Saturday 12 September, 9am-5pm.  The event will of course be different from normal with some churches possibly not open, no refreshments available and some churches with no recorders to welcome you. For sponsor forms or further information please call me on 01449 711443.

    Andrew Fuller


    As the new subscription year approaches we are very concerned about asking representatives to do door to door collections. So many of us are now familiar with online banking;  it would seem to be a good time to change our way of collecting your subscriptions.  The new system should make it easier for you to pay your subscription and make it safer for those who have collected it in the past.

    Hopefully by October when the first draw of the club’s new year takes place, you will be able to pay your subscription on-line or by popping cash through my letter box. You will receive further details by post and we thank you in anticipation of your continued support.

    The 200 Club draw takes place each month.  For an annual subscription of £12 you have one number which is entered into each monthly draw throughout the year. 1st prize £50, 2nd Prize £20, 2 equal 3rd Prizes of £15. In December the prize money is doubled!!!! All proceeds are divided between the Village Hall and the Church.

    If you are new to the village, or not yet a member, and would like to support the 200 Club, please contact me on or 01449 711393


      1st £50 2nd £20 3rd= £15 3rd=£15
    April 173 Mr & Mrs Goodenough    92 Mr & Mrs Smith    50 Mr D Morley          232 Mrs P Rout
    May 176 Mr D Tydeman 1 R Betts 72 Mr & Mrs Ryland 104 Mr N Garnham
    June 129 E Kerry 228 C Francis 82 Mr A Sutton 86 E Williams
    July 23 Mr & Mrs Gamble 128 A Bloom 63 Mr R Tydeman 211 Mrs L Moody


    Community Council Update

    As you will see the magazine is now back…..for the time being. Just in case the printers have to close again, all articles and announcements will be put on the village Facebook page and this website - as they have been over the past few months.


    The annual subscription is usually collected in March, and I know for a few of you, this did happen. For everyone else, please note that your subscription will be collected in January and this will be for the new year. For those of you who have already paid, your payment will be carried forward to the new year.

    Autumn Lunch

    Very sadly, this has been cancelled for this year. As soon as we are able, we will advise you of the new date.

    Santa’s Sleigh

    The good news is that Santa has confirmed that he will be visiting the village on Christmas Eve, but has a few logistical problems to resolve beforehand! His elves are working on these and depending on the rules and regulations that are in force in December, it may be Santa will only stop in a few central areas in the village to deliver presents. Santa has promised to let us have regular updates, and these will be included in the October and November magazines.


    Fibre Poll now closed

    Thanks for your inputs, the bid is now with Openreach for consideration. A map of the properties who submitted inputs is attached.

    Areas requesting FTTP



    Do you want much faster and reliable Broadband?

    BT Openreach have now accepted that we are interested in a Community Fibre Project for the Village. I now have 15 days to enter details of interested people and properties. There is NO OBLIGATION if you express interest. There is fibre in Mill Green, but not in Stonham Aspal Village.

    The plan is to get Fibre direct to every property, using your existing provider (at their standard normal cost), to give you speeds of 300 Mbps. The data is what they require, except for the Email which I will use to keep in contact with updates.

    Please fill in the form here to help us ...


    Village Hall and Tennis Court News


    The Village Hall is now open. It has been a difficult time for everyone dealing with Covid-19 but the committee have agreed that the main hall is now available to hire for some events.  There is a restriction on the number of people allowed in the hall, but this is being monitored and in line with Government Guidelines.  At the moment the kitchen and committee room will be closed and not available for hire.

    If you would like to hire the village hall then please contact me on the number below to discuss your requirements.

    Tennis Courts       

    Thank you to everyone who has renewed their membership this year. Membership this year has been extremely popular, and we now only have a couple of spaces left. I hope everyone has enjoyed the summer season of Tennis and that we have some good weather during the Autumn so that everyone can continue to use the court.

    Maria Tydeman

    on behalf of Stonham Aspal Village Hall

    01449 711530


    Friends of Debenham Library July 20 - Update to last post

    Friends of Debenham Library

    Debenham Library is open with a limited number of services. Mobile libraries are operating but the home library service remains suspended. Reservations have now resumed.

    • You can email or phone the library 01728 861940 during opening hours for a selection of titles for collection. Alternatively you can fill in the form at
    • There is browsing of books or use of computers, nor printing, faxing or photocopying.
    • All DVD and CD loans are free
    • You can use the Advanced Search at to check which titles are available at Debenham. Under “location”, choose or tick Debenham.
    • When you have finished with your books, please put them in our black bin outside the library.  Books borrowed before lockdown have been renewed automatically until 1st September.

    Meanwhile you can still use all our online services for free audiobooks, ebooks, films and other services. Use your library card at for more details.

    Summer Reading Challenge 2020

    This year the Summer Reading Challenge, children aged 4 to 11, will be organised online. You will need to register at Books can be borrowed from the library (see above), or you can use eBooks or audiobooks, or books from your school.  

    School corner, Debenham IP14 6PL (next to the Primary School). Opening hours:

    Tuesday:     0930 am – 1300 pm        Wednesday : 1500  – 1930 pm

    Saturday:     0900 am – 1300 pm        Sunday:         1200 – 1600 pm

    Tel: 01728 861940
    Facebook: @DebenhamLibraryFriends

    School corner, Debenham IP14 6PL (next to the Primary School).


    Ladies that Brunched July 2020

    Ladies that Brunched!

    Hello Ladies, I hope to be able to send an email around one day in August to say that I am hosting a 'thing' in the garden. I am not sure what the 'thing' is yet. It may not be a social distanced sit down knife and folk meal but perhaps an afternoon tea, coffee and cake, some sort of gathering where we can come together once more.

    Whilst we have not been able to physically come together we have been zooming each week on a Tuesday evening. Many thanks to Helen Brookson for getting this off the ground. We have no idea how long we will keep zooming for, but whilst there is a need we shall carry on. This is open to anyone, please don't feel that you have had to come to a Brunch to be able to join. If you are not use to zoom, you receive an invitation in the form of a email with a link to click on. The first time you use it, zoom will be downloaded on to your device, and you are ready to go. It is so very easy! Please let me know if you would like to receive an invitation to join our chats on

    I am very aware that the finances at our church have been affected by this pandemic, so what ever event I hold, there will be a donation pot for church funds.

    Looking forward to sharing our garden with you. Alex xx


    Notes from The Cart Track July 2020

    July 2020 Notes from The Cart track

    The last couple of days have seen a cloudy, showery period with just over an inch of rain.  Very welcome indeed.  Evidence of it, in puddles on the Cart Track, will probably been gone by Monday but the beans, in particular, will benefit from it a lot.  Although the crop is short it has flowered very well and hopefully the bees from Cedar Lodge will make the most of the sunny weather to work their magic.  The upper pods appear to be filling well and the lower flowers have set pods, albeit very small at the moment.  Hopefully, this rain will allow them to fill as well.  Beans are very weather dependant crop and it is notoriously difficult to predict what yield will result.  They are far more fickle than cereals or sugar beet and are a prime example of weather being all powerful where profits are concerned, regardless of the skill of the farmer or the shininess of his expensive machinery.

    Harvest is not more than 10 days away for some of our neighbours and I expect that some light land barley will be cut next week.  I am glad that we have had a cools showery week which will allow the crops more time to ripen naturally rather than die off.  It tends to help grain quality a bit.  We should be taking delivery of a new John Deere combine any day. Same model as before but many improvements that should make harvest more efficient.  It is fitted with the latest satellite guidance equipment which allows it to record yield and produces yield maps which will be recorded on our own arable management programme.  The programme can instruct the fertilizer spreader to vary rates depending on historical yield data and also control seeding rates on our drill to give us more efficient use of seed and fertilizer.  We have just been informed that the variable rates part of the software is not ready yet.  Somewhat worrying when it will be needed in seven weeks’ time.  It’s a bit like buying a new car and being told the windscreen wipers don’t work but will do at some point in the future.  No repayment of purchase price has been suggested yet but the dealer will lend us a controller until ours is ready.  I expect it has a virus – or its manufacturer has. 

    Other equipment servicing is nearly done although we are still waiting for one set of earth wearing parts to arrive.  They were ordered in March as we were anticipating delays in delivery and to be fair we were given an end of June delivery date at the time.  In general the machinery dealerships have done a very good job in coping with all the problems of lockdown.  There are several cases of parts being incorrectly supplied but I think this is a problem which is common to automotive and truck part suppliers as well.  Machines have just become so complex and specifications change so frequently that it has become impossible for suppliers to stock every part.  The longer the chains of supply, the more chance there is of mistakes happening.  The moral of the story seems to be do not leave any repairs or servicing to the last minute or you may be disappointed.

    David Tydeman 


    Debenham Library News

    Friends of Debenham Library

    Debenham Library is open with a limited number of services. Mobile libraries are operating but the home library service remains suspended.

    • There will be no reservations, browsing or use of computers, nor printing or photocopying
    • Customers will be able to email or phone the library 01728 861940 during opening hours for a selection of titles for collection. Alternatively you can fill in the form at
    • All DVD and CD loans will be free
    • You can use the Advanced Search at to check which titles are available at Debenham. Under “location”, choose or tick Debenham.
    • When you have finished with your books, please put them in our black bin outside the library.  All items have been renewed automatically until August.

    Meanwhile you can still use all our online services for free audiobooks, ebooks, films and other services. Use your library card at for more details.

    Summer Reading Challenge 2020

    This year the Summer Reading Challenge, children aged 4 to 11, will be organised online. You will need to register at Books can be borrowed from the library (see above), or you can use eBooks or audiobooks.  

    School corner, Debenham IP14 6PL (next to the Primary School). Opening hours:

    Tuesday:     0930 am – 1300 pm        Wednesday : 1500  – 1930 pm

    Saturday:     0900 am – 1300 pm        Sunday:         1200 – 1600 pm

    Tel: 01728 861940
    Facebook: @DebenhamLibraryFriends

    School corner, Debenham IP14 6PL (next to the Primary School).


    Mickfield Evangelical Church July 2020

    Rich Tearle (Pastor) Tel: 710101 (Church Office) or

    For latest service info/times please see the website.

    Question Everything!

    A while ago I encountered someone in Suffolk wearing a rather striking T-shirt. You’ve guessed the slogan: “Question Everything”. I have good reason to believe that the wearer was of an atheist persuasion. And I know that for many these two words mean a lot. We ought to question everything. We ought to scrutinise and check everything. Of course, we’re all busy and we rarely stick to this principle. However, throughout my life I have noticed that there is a running assumption in the UK that Christians have not questioned everything. Christians have taken a blind leap of faith. Christians have shut their eyes to plain facts. Nothing could be further from the truth! My experience is that I/we have questioned everything. I’ve asked my questions, and I’ve found answers. In fact, in finding answers I’ve found more questions as well! I would encourage everyone to ask their questions and look for answers. We’re attempting to answer some big questions through our regular short videos on YouTube. Why not take a look and post any questions you may have for us? We’d love to hear from you and respond. Let’s start a conversation…

    A special note: We are working on what church looks like for us, given the new government guidelines. If you’d like to see what we’re about you’re very welcome to join us we continue our online services on our YouTube channel ‘Mickfield Evangelical Church’. They premiere at 10am Sunday morning and are still available afterwards. We also produce many other short videos that look at all sorts of ideas and questions regarding Christianity, all available there as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

    Rich T


    Mickfield - June 2020

    Rich Tearle (Pastor) Tel: 710101 (Church Office) or

    For latest service info/times please see the website.

    In The Public Eye

    Our politicians have been very much in the public eye over these last weeks. They’ve been subject to the scrutiny that we expect in a liberal democracy. As Christian’s we believe Jesus of Nazareth ought to remain in the public eye too. His life and claims ought to be subject to public scrutiny. Christianity has long lived in the public square in this country.

    The church in the UK cannot meet publicly at the moment, but the Christian message is more in the public eye than ever, and people are taking the opportunity to look into what goes on within churches through their social media accounts.

    Why not take a look at some of our recent videos? We’re on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. We recently posted a 3-part series entitled ‘3 Reasons we Believe’. We first considered The Monty Python reason, taking a look at the staggering impact of Jesus on our country. We’ve explored how Christianity makes sense of our complex and messy world, in The C.S. Lewis reason. In the final instalment we’re now taking a look at The Jesus reason. Have you scrutinised the man and his message?

    Here’s a link to watch “The Jesus Reason”:

    If you missed “The Monty Python Reason” or “The C.S. Lewis Reason” take a look here:

    You may also be interested in our latest series: ‘5 Reasons to dismiss Christianity’. Which can be found here:

    If you’d like to check out our family services or some of our short thought for the day/daily devotional videos they can be found on our YouTube channel here:

    Rich T


    Notes from the Cart Track - June 2020

    Friday 12th June 2020

    Notes from the cart track

    The wet few days we have just had, were very welcome indeed.  We have recorded just over 24mm which, combined with overcast humid conditions, will allow the rain to be absorbed by the crops before it evaporates.  At the risk of being called a misery, I wish it had been twice or three times as much!  The greetings of the many cart track walkers passing through the farmyard have been interesting.  There have been many grimaces when folks have been caught by heavy showers.  When I point out that the rain is needed for the crops to grow for food, the common reaction is, “Yes I know but I am walking the dog.”  The Arabs have a saying – All sunshine makes the desert – very true.

    Wheat crops are looking promising and every shower will help grain fill in the ears.  The prolonged dry spell has given us very little disease to worry about so far.  Keeping the flag leaf clear of fungal infection is very important.  This is the final and largest leaf of the cereal plant to emerge and provides 40% of the end yield of the plant.  When it is working at its hardest during the long hours of daylight at present it is truly the power house of the arable farm and is quite literally providing our bread and butter.  The rain and sun are also benefitting the spring barley which has transformed itself from disastrous to bad since the rain.  The jury is still out on the spring beans as they have an extra 2 or 3 weeks longer than the other crops to reach maturity.  More rain and sun over the next fortnight will improve matters a lot. 

    With no Suffolk Show, Cereal Exhibition, crop trials or holidays to get in the way, we have been plugging on with lots of routine maintenance jobs which have been pending for quite a while.  Hedge cutter and grass topper have been treated to new sets of flails and had guards repaired and a couple of leaking hydraulic rams resealed.  The main elevator in the grain store has been showing its 60years of active service for a few years now so we have taken all the cups off the drive belts ready for the skilled team at Bloomfield’s, in Debenham, to replace the 48metres of belts.  All we have to do then is to bolt the 384 cups back on to the belts.

    On the wildlife front it has been a very enjoyable spring.  Whether the lockdown has given us time to watch, or the sunny weather and warm winter has been beneficial to resident creatures, we have seen a lot.  Our barn owl box has 3 chicks in it and there seems to have been plenty of food for them.  In the garden we have enjoyed the antics of a family of Great Spotted Woodpeckers at the peanut feeders, and seen hedgehogs, muntjac and foxes with our camera trap and during the day.  Turtle doves seem to be favouring the area close to the farm buildings and churchyard this year and butterflies and bees are making the most of the clover and vetches on our lawn ( or what we call a lawn!)  there have been some glorious sunsets seen through a pint of Farmers Flagon ruby ale from St Peter’s Brewery.  I look forward to being able to share these sentiments in the future.

    David Tydeman


    Dr. Dan Poulter newsletter

    May 2020

    The COVID-19 pandemic has changed all of our lives.  Britain has been forced to implement restrictions and new rules that our country has not experienced since the Second World War.  Many people are still working from home and we remain unable to freely see people that we love and care about. But these ongoing measures are necessary to halt the spread of the virus and to protect lives.

    Our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has recently announced the Government’s intention to take the first careful steps in modifying some of the restrictions facing our daily lives and these remain under constant review.  However, it remains vitally important that we all continue to respect and follow Government advice so that we don’t risk a second wave of infection.  A second wave would have devastating consequences for our NHS and for our economy. In my view, it is essential that we continue to be led by the scientific evidence, which dictates which restrictions can start to be lifted and when.

    We must all continue to play our part in helping prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus by:

    • Maintaining social distancing - keeping at least 2 metres apart from people who are not from your own household helps to protect each other and reduces the spread of the virus;

    • Ensuring good hand hygiene - thoroughly washing your hands and wrists before eating and when returning home after leaving the house is particularly important to protect yourself from catching the virus;

    • And to protect others, it is important NOT to leave home if you or anyone in your household has Coronavirus symptoms

    Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, my office and I have continued to work hard on behalf of everyone in Central Suffolk and North Ipswich, helping people to access personal and business financial support, and also helping a great many people who were stranded overseas as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic to return home.  I continue to ask probing Parliamentary questions of our Government about its response to the pandemic and continue to raise issues that matter to us here in Suffolk in Parliament and directly with Government ministers.

    I will always do my very best for the people of Central Suffolk and North Ipswich and if there is anything with which I can help, please get in touch with me.   My website also has up to date, helpful information so do please check there:

    As ever, I would like to close by paying tribute to my NHS colleagues, the Police and the many others on the frontline of our public services who are putting others before themselves to help in this crucial fight against Coronavirus.


    10 Village News - June 2020

    Now available - click on the picture below


    Church Lighting appeal

    Flood lighting appeal

    Since we installed floodlights to light the church during winter evenings, we have made disposable money boxes available for spare change as a relatively painless way of funding them.  This has been very successful.  However, this year, we feel that a shopping trip to try to purchase disposable cans and the difficulty of handing them out with the church closed, make this operation unwise.  Also many people are using cash very little this year and so spare change may not be forthcoming.  Please could we ask our congregation to find suitable containers and make a donation which will be collected at the Harvest Worship for All service, assuming that we have one.  If we are still not gathering on the 2nd Sunday in October we will make other arrangements.  Thank you very much in anticipation.

    David Tydeman   and Alex Pratt       Churchwardens


    Notes from the Cart Track May 2020

    Saturday 16th May

    Notes from the cart track

    The dry April has seamlessly continued into a dry May and crops are desperately needing a rain and some warm nights.  The night-time frosts we have had lately are proving difficult in the vegetable garden and I am quite relieved to have no sugar beet to worry about.  May and tree blossom seems to be good but with insect eating birds nesting I hope that a bit of warmth and a shower will bring more blossom in the various bits of conservation mixtures we have sown ready for the chick feeding.

    The wheat crop looks reasonably good in general and provided we get a couple of inches of rain to fill the grains in June it should be ok.  Spring barley is poor.  the dry April has caused some germinating seed to fail to emerge from cloddy seed beds.  The least bad field is the one we tried out a cover crop on which will encourage us to repeat the process next year.  The oil radish component of the mixture may have help to prevent the soil becoming consolidated by the rain and lack of frost.  There was certainly no problem with sowing though the residue.  Spring beans being sown deeper and more robust plants have emerged well and should produce a reasonable result if weather conditions are favourable.

    How has lockdown and social distancing affected us?  Broadly speaking, our style of arable farming has continued more or less as normal.  Chemical and fertilizer deliveries have not been affected so far.  We have been able to get any building materials and spare parts that are needed although understandably delivery times are much longer and in the case of machinery dealers.  We have to go and collect from a box outside the stores.  Dust masks to use in the grain-store have quadrupled in price and delivery before harvest is not guaranteed.  Delivery drivers and store staff of the companies we work with have been help and careful without exception. 

    We have seen a large increase in exercisers and dog walkers on the farm.  The sunny weather has obviously encouraged this which is very good to witness.  On an average day we get 50 – 60 folks out with at least half of these coming through the farmyard.  Sam has put up some new signs showing what is supposed to be growing where and indicating which areas we are trying to leave disturbance free for conservations purposes.  Thank you all for respecting these.  We have had very few causes for concern.  We do still have some loose dogs going into the growing crops.  I don’t think their owners realise that skylarks are on nests at the moment and a Labrador blundering past is not conducive to chick survival.  We have several pairs close to the main footpaths.  I hope that next year we will have even more.

    David Tydeman


    Mickield Evangelical Church May 2020

    Rich Tearle (Pastor) Tel: 710101 (Church Office) or

    For latest service info/times please see the website.

    Give Me One Good Reason!

    We’ve all had to adapt dramatically to the Coronavirus situation. How have you managed the changes? As a church it’s been very strange. We can’t meet together at all the time of writing. We now have a Sunday service online with a group Zoom meeting afterwards, and we also produce and distribute daily ‘thought for the day devotional’ videos via What’s App and YouTube. If you’d like to check out some of these short videos you can find them on our YouTube channel. Just visit YouTube and type Mickfield Evangelical Church.

    In the midst of all this we have seen an increasing interest in Christianity. Many people have been engaging with the videos on our website, on Facebook and on YouTube. …Why not use the opportunity to have a peek and see what Christianity is all about without the (perhaps daunting) prospect of having to set foot in a church!

    We want to continue to provide a means for all kinds of people to explore the Christian faith. So, over the next few weeks I will be posting 3 videos, exploring 3 very personal reasons for my own faith in Jesus. The first is, what I call, the Monty Python reason!

    You can watch it here

    Sometimes people say: “give me one good reason to believe!” We’d like to present 3. And we’d love to know your thoughts. Feel free to begin a conversation and share your thoughts in the comments section on YouTube or via my email (listed above).

    Stay Safe and Blessed!

    Rich T


    Tennis Club reopens

    The Tennis court will re-open on Saturday in line with government guidelines. For 16th May 2020 to 31st March 2021 new period see the Tennis Club pages for updated details with Membership Form, Notes and Booking details.


    Friends of Debenham Library May 2020

    Friends of Debenham Library

    Although Debenham Library is closed you can still use all our online services for free audiobooks, ebooks, films and other services:

    • 4,700 Audio books: Overdrive and Borrowbox on your computer or phone/tablet,
    • 16,000 eBooks: Overdrive on your computer or phone/tablet (Libby app) -
    • Music: Freegal on your computer or phone/tablet
    • Films: Kanopy on your computer or phone/tablet
    • 7,000 Magazines: Pressreader on your computer or phone/tablet

    Use your library card at for more details

    Meanwhile Sue Hutt has been busy reading aloud some children’s illustrated books held in the library, and you can see the videos on our Facebook page at Watch them with your children! (Tony has had to learn video editing skills!) Cathy has provided a video tour of the library garden. More videos to come!

    Join our film mailing list (email so you don’t miss out in future! We can’t show films, but meanwhile details are being circulated of various free films you can watch at home.

    When you have finished with your books, please put them in our black bin outside the library.  All items have been renewed automatically until August.

    Tel: 01728 861940
    Facebook: @DebenhamLibraryFriends

    School corner, Debenham IP14 6PL (next to the Primary School).


    Stonham Barns May 2020

    Stonham Barns May Advert


    Dr Dan Poulter May 2020

    As I sit to write this month’s article, we continue to live in incredibly challenging circumstances, with the Coronavirus restrictions continuing to impact upon our day to day lives.  I’d like to start by thanking each and every one of you for playing your part and staying at home, helping to protect our NHS and saving lives.

    During this important national fight against COVID-19, I have been given leave by the Government to return to the frontline of the NHS working as a doctor, but I want you to know that I am still here to help you as your local MP and continue to stand up for the best interests of Suffolk.

    I am in touch with my office on a regular basis, where I am briefed fully and give regular instructions on constituency matters and how to help people locally who may be in need.  My team and I are working extraordinarily long hours dealing with a hugely increased workload, helping people to access vital daily support, return home from overseas and providing advice to businesses to access Government grants.

    We are very lucky indeed to live in Suffolk and I have been heartened to hear so many stories of communities coming together and individuals going out of their way to help elderly and vulnerable neighbours. It is times like these which bring out the best in people and I am proud to call Suffolk my home.

    Suffolk’s “Home But Not Alone” scheme is an outstanding example of the public and voluntary sector coming together to deliver help to those who need it.  The number for those in need of genuine help is 0800 876 6926 lines continue to be staffed from 9am to 5pm 7 days a week.

    Many businesses have been in touch welcoming the measures put in place by the Treasury, but of course there are still some who are left behind and falling through the net.  The likelihood of social distancing measures lasting for many months, or even a year, is likely to put considerable strain on our pubs and restaurants.  That’s why I have written to the Chancellor to raise these concerns and I am hopeful that more can be done to help our local businesses and in particular, our pubs, cafes and restaurants in the weeks and months ahead.

    As ever, I would like to close by paying tribute to my NHS colleagues, the Police and the many others on the frontline of our public services who are putting others before themselves to help in this crucial fight against Coronavirus.

    If you would like my help, please visit my website for the latest information.


    Stonham Aspal Church - April 2020


    in line with Government instructions


    but the church community continues…..


    At the present time there will be no services held in the church building, however that does not mean that the people cannot worship together. With the aid of technology, services will continue to be held via Zoom at 10am on Sunday and Tuesday mornings, and at 7pm on Friday evening. If you would like to attend please email Ruth Dennigan beforehand, and she will send you the link on which to click. We look forward to seeing you there!


    Our Big Brekkie event, in aid of Christian Aid, will not go ahead this year. However, Christian Aid continue their work and have launched a Coronavirus Appeal. If you would like to support them with a donation you can find details at:

    Interior from an old postcard


    Ladies that Brunch April 2020

    What a challenging time we are living in, many anxieties but also much to be grateful for. No visitors to our house brings about a change in my routine, does it matter if my hair looks like I have been dragged through a hedge backward? Why would I spend time cleaning the house for it to get dirty again, no one is going to see it, and as we spend so much time outside not even we are seeing it!  We are both so enjoying being in the garden, what a pleasure and how grateful we are to live in this wonderful community and with such a great space around our bungalow. Much of our time is being spent on our veg area, fruit cage, green houses and now a poly tunnel. We bought the poly tunnel from a friend in Mickfield last year, and Mr P is pretty chuffed with himself that he finally has it up and ready to use. I find great excitement each day from watching the seeds germinate, creation is amazing.

    But I do feel a sadness that I am not hosting any get togethers. This has however been reduced greatly by Helen Brookson suggestion that the Ladies that Brunch meet up on Zoom each week. Thank you Helen, it is lovely to see and hear others, to chat about anything, just as we would have done here at Green Acre.

    As I am not able to cook for guest, I am throwing myself into be inventive with our meals, using up the stuff that has been in the freezer for some time. It’s a great challenge and we have had some amazing results, topped of by the fact that ‘himself’ keeps an excellent stock of red wine. My greatest concern is the pair of trotters which sit at the back of the meat drawer in one of the freezers. It is almost as if they clip their heels together each time I pull open the freezer drawer, waiting to be eaten.  Thinking about them makes my stomach tighten, will it get to the stage where one day I have to thaw them out…. I hope NOT! On many occasion in my life I have thrived from coming up with meals at the end of the month, when there was more month than money. My children loved toadless hole, I still laugh about it now.

    We had rabbit (I use to tell visitors it was chicken…. Sorry God, I lied), and one of the children’s friends remarked on the number of times we had pheasant pies when he came to tea. Wild goose being another treat at Christmas and other occasions through the year. The house thronged with callers for cups of tea and home made biscuits, children friends were always in the cake tin. I am so grateful that I entertained so many times in quiet large numbers, never as many as the five thousand, but I have always been provided for and guest have gone away not aware that a miracle has happened.

    I am looking forward to the chit chat and company of friends when we are able to get together again. Until then, let us appreciate our blessing and support each other through these challenging times.

    Keep Safe, Alex xx


    Notes from the cart track

    Monday 13th April 2020

    Last month I wrote the notes on a sunny day while praying for a calm dry spell to allow us to get on with the spring barley and bean drilling.  We were given just that, and the first 10 days of lock down allowed us to drill it all.  The soil conditions varied from OK to poor but because we had not moved the soil before drilling, most seed went into moisture and is now emerging.  This year will be a real test for our Claydon strip tilling system.  Charles spent a fair time during the wintering tinkering with shims, spacers and tape measure trying to get all the coulters placing seed at the correct depth.  My father would have been horrified to see spring seed going into such a rough seedbed.  Rolling in spring beans was strictly forbidden in his day.  The 7mm of rain that arrived yesterday may well have saved the crops.  After having faith that the good Lord would send rain, we also have to have faith in the Claydon Hybrid Drill.  Watch this space!!

    As the virus situation becomes worse, we had a family discussion on how we were to manage it.  Elizabeth and I, who are both close to, if not actually in the vulnerable category, were to remain confined to the farm and our needs would be fetched by our children.  I could self-isolate to a degree by using one machine and Charles and Sam would each have a main machine with disinfectant cloths in the forklift and yard tractor to wipe down before a change of driver.  Social distancing would be practical as far as possible and, after several forgetful actions to start with, things have been reasonably safe.  I have to say folks exercising and walking dogs through the farmyard have been very thoughtful indeed.  We are very lucky that we do not have full time staff and we have been able to continue working safely and so far with minimal disruption to the various supplies we need.  We are taking the view that we need to stock up with wearing parts for autumn work and trying to think of other stuff which might run short.

    One very positive side to the lack of necessity to travel, is that we have finally spent a bit of time sitting on the deck that we have had built at Halls Garden.  When we moved out of Broughton Hall we realised that we had, for the first time, moved into a house with a view.  Our veranda has an uninterrupted view across the Jordon Valley to Mowness Hall and Little Stonham which is very nice.  Because the garden is a bit natural – I would say feral when the grandchildren are playing in it, we do get a lot of wildlife passing through.  Muntjac, rabbits, squirrels, foxes and Mr Grieves lovely tabby cat.  Woodpeckers (green and greater spotted), song and mistle thrushes, finches and titmice, robins, resident red legged partridges ad spotted flycatchers in the summer.  Plenty of company which together with the wonders of email, Facebook, zoom and Whats-app helps to partially make up for the suspension of a pint with a chat at the Middy!!

    David Tydeman


    Men’s Breakfast is on Saturday 13th June at 8.30 am

    The next Men’s Breakfast will be held on Saturday 13th June at 8.30 am in Stonham Aspal Village Hall. (Subject to current restrictions being lifted.)

    Our Speaker: TBA

    Cost £8.00

    Please book in early as we need to inform caterers.

    David Tydeman – 01449 711124 – or John Moody – 01449 710816 –


    Debenham Library (April 2020)

    Friends of Debenham Library

    Currently Debenham Library is closed and mobile libraries and the home library service are suspended.
    However you can still use all our online services for audiobooks, ebooks, films and other services. Go to

    On our Facebook page ( you will find some reviews of Junior Nonfiction books  by Sue, and soon a tour of the library and of the library garden.

    If you want to return your books, please put them in our black bin outside the library. Don’t worry about fines—there won’t be any. All items have been renewed automatically until August.

    Join our film mailing list (email so you don’t miss out! We can’t show films, but meanwhile details are being circulated of various free films you can watch at home.

    Tel: 01728 861940
    Facebook: @DebenhamLibraryFriends

    School corner, Debenham IP14 6PL (next to the Primary School).


    Mickfield Evangelical Church (April 2020)

    With all that has been happening so far this year, we have never been more aware of our own fragility and mortality, or more in awe (and hope) of our immune systems.

    The way our immune system fights off viruses really is incredible. When a foreign invader attacks, various types of white blood cells jump right into action to destroy the invaders. The average white cell lives only a few hours but a select few will live for 60-70 years, checking in at their assigned lymph gland every few minutes. The lymph gland is where the body stores these white blood cells, where they wait, ready for action.

    These master white blood cells safeguard the chemical defence plans that remind the body how to quickly respond to previous threats.

    When a new invader attacks, a circulating lymphocyte cell will touch it, remember its shape, and rush to the nearest lymph gland where this information is conveyed to thousands of other lymphocytes that then produce billions of antibodies.

    These antibodies (only 1000th the size of bacteria) cling to the invader like moss to a tree and soften them up ready for the attack of the white cell.

    Vaccinations and Immunisation work on this principle. With some diseases we can inject a weakened or even a dead strain of a virus and the body will produce antibodies that will lie in wait, ready to fight off a genuine attack of that disease.

    Remarkably, in remote or poor areas where no vaccine is available, in some cases they are able to use something called convalescent serum. This is where you take the serum of a patient that has recently recovered from a disease and use it to passively immunise the current sufferer. Because the first patient has already overcome the disease, the serum contains the antibodies with the attack plans for the current sufferer to fight it and win. I recently read of a missionary (a hand surgeon working with leprosy patients) who experienced the need for this practice during his life in India. His daughter contracted measles and she had not been vaccinated. They lived way up in the mountains away from any hospitals, and when it looked like she would not survive, they were able to use the serum of someone who had already contracted measles, overcome it, and had the appropriate defence plans against it. The daughter responded well to the treatment and survived.

    Numerous times the Bible describes Jesus as an overcomer. In John 16:33 Jesus said, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

    Jesus is also described as someone who has overcome sin and temptation, and even death itself.

    When Christians partake in the communion wine symbolizing Jesus’ shed blood for us, we are reminding ourselves symbolically of the benefits that his life as an overcomer brings us. Because he has lived, and been through all we go through; been tempted, been in pain, been persecuted, been homeless, been poor, been lonely, been hungry, been bereaved, etc he is able to help us to get through all these things. Ultimately because he has defeated even death and risen again, we share in that same hope, even in the face of our own mortality.

    I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble.But take heart! I have overcome the world. (John 16:33)

    A couple of notes:

    -If you found this article interesting, a lot of the info was taken and edited from the book ‘In His Image’ by Dr Paul Brand and Philip Yancey which I highly recommend.

    -While the convalescent serum method is being looked into hopefully by scientists for use in vaccinations with the coronavirus, it certainly isn’t safe for anyone to try and implement themselves.



    I have created a Stonham Aspal Crossword. All the answers can be found on the Internet ... I will give a prize at the end of April to the winning entry (if there is more than one, the winner will be decided by a random draw) You can download a PDF version for printing here.

    Please email me with your entry.


    Coronavirus update

    We've delivered contacts to everyone in the village - for anyone isolated to get in touch with a neighbour ...

    Thanks to all who responded and added their names.


    Men's Breakfast 14th March

    We had an interesting talk on Vetting with a Breakfast at the Village Hall - with lots of interesting history, and some savage looking tools! A good turn out this morning.

    Tool selection!


    Tennis pages updated for 2020 to 2021

    The Tennis pages and forms have been updated for 2020 to 2021.

    See The Tennis pages for details


    Updating news issues


    Sorry, I'm having trouble updating the news, do look to other information sources such as:

    • The Facebook Pages

    • The Community Council and Ten Village news


    December Events

    30th November Christmas Bazaar VH

    6 Quiz VH

    9 Cinema VH 8pm "Yesterday"

    12 Quiz Football Club 8pm

    14 Men's Breakfast VH 8.20 am

    14 Village Cabaret VH

    20 Third Friday Inn VH

    24 Lunchtime drinks Football Club

    • Santa's Sleigh

    • Village Hall open

    24 January Burns night VH


    Stonham Aspal Village Cinema

    8PM in the Village Hall, £3 for refreshments

    5th November - Belle

    9th December - Yesterday

    7th January - TBA

    6th February - Fishermans Friends

    3rd March - TBA


    Village November events

    15            SAVH   7.30PM           3RD FRIDAY INN

    18                                                 WI AGM

    30             SAVH   10-3                 CHRISTMAS EXTRAVAGANZA

    6 DEC        SAVH   7.30PM           QUIZ NIGHT

    14 DEC       SAVH   7.30PM           CABARET NIGHT

    14 DEC       SAVH   8.30AM           MENS BREAKFAST


    What's On in November, St Mary & St Lambert Stonham Aspal with Mickfield Church

    3rd Sun 6.30pm Evening Service of Light
    7th Thur 8.50-11.30am Coffee Inn-200 Club Draw
    7pm Home group
    10th Sun 10.45am Remembrance for All
    12th Tue 7.30pm PCC meeting
    14th Thur 8.50-11.30am Coffee Inn
    7pm Home group
    17th Sun 9.30am Holy Communion
    21st Thur 8.50-11.30am Coffee Inn
    7pm Home group
    24th Sun 9.30am Worship & Praise
    with Baptism of Leo Gedney
    28th Thur 8.50-11.30am Coffee Inn –
    Making the Advent Wreath
    7pm Home group
    30th Sat 10am-3pm Christmas Extravaganza V/H

    An Evening Service of Light

    Sunday 3rd November 6.30pm

    This special Evening Service will give you the opportunity to light a candle in memory of

    your loved ones. As you arrive you will be able to add a name to be read out during the service. Everyone welcome.

    Refreshments will be served afterwards.

    St Mary and St Lambert, Stonham Aspal and Mickfield


    Churchyard Autumn Clear Up

    Saturday 5th October from10 am to midday.

    Once again people with strimmers, rakes, pruning tools, spades / shovels and wheelbarrows will be very welcome to come and tidy up grass, shrubs and around gravestones ready for the winter.

    There will be coffee, tea and biscuits and the satisfaction of seeing the churchyard look tidy.

    Many thanks to all those who have already put in a lot of work with hedge and grass cutting during the year.

    Enquiries to John Ince 01449 711365 or David Tydeman 01449 711124