Fibre (FTTP) Update

I have been asked by Openreach that four people have not confirmed their DCMS Vouchers in the original scheme. They can’t provide me with the Emails (Data Protection), but asked me to contact those who signed up to remind you: Please do reply to the DCMS Email (whether you have moved house or not) so our subsidy is preserved. You will have been sent an Email from me.

As an update, you may have noticed that all the Openreach work in the Village. As well as the scheme you took part in (from A140 end of the village to Wingfield), there is an extension down East End Lane, and Openreach are also providing service along The Street to Stonham Barns and Crowfield road at their own expense. We provided the kick start to the whole process: Thanks to you all for this!

You’ll also like to know that it will only be a few weeks now before we get service. I’ll post on the Facebook pages and this web site when ordering should be possible.

Charles Brookson