Village Hall Refurbishment-update

Over the year the refurbishment work has continued at the village hall. The old windows in the back room and kitchen have been replaced with similar to match the rest of the building. The kitchen and toilets are now fitted with roller binds and the back room and entrance have attractive curtains. Tables have been purchased and there is now a new storage area for these. The bar which was kindly donated from the former ‘Ten Bells’, has been renovated and looks brilliant in the back room. The volunteers who have continued to work on the Village Hall have enabled us to progress to the stage that it is at now, their time and effort is very much appreciated.

Funding is now in place for new fascias, soffits and gutters and for the exterior to be painted, we hope that this will be happening very soon.  The next project to take place when funds are available is resurfacing the car park.