Stonham Barns Development plans

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Outline Of Proposal
Phase 1
A. Increase the Area of the Mid Suffolk Showground
B. Refurbish Existing Showground Marquee and Insert a New Permanent Bar
C. Reinstate Off-Road 4×4 Course
D. New Stonham Showground and Structural Landscaping
E. Improvement to Caravan Site
F. Meerkat Enclosure

Phase 2
A. Fishing Lodges
B. Caravan Overspill
C. Covered Show Facility

Phase 3
A. Food Hall
B. Refurbishment of Market Square
C. Extension to Toy Shop

Phase 4
A. Livery refurbishment
B. Refurbishment of Existing Buildings
C. Country Walks
D. Play Area
E. Managers Dwelling