Mickfield Evangelical Church February 2021

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Early on in the pandemic we stumbled across something really helpful. A summary of how crises work. It’s really simple. There’s that moment of revelation, when we realise we’re in a crisis. Then there is a process of response, which typically takes 0-3 months. This is the pragmatic stage, the ‘doer’s’ are most effective here. This is followed by the recovery phase (3-12 months). This is an adjustment stage, where people learn to live with the “new normal”. Finally, the reconstruction phase comes. A time for rebuilding.
We’ve found this especially helpful as we’ve faced lockdown 3.0! We recognise that as a nation, as a church and as local communities, we are still in recovery. We’re still getting out of this crisis. This has helped to set our expectations. It’s helped us diagnose what’s needed and what’s most important as the months have gone by.
We all look forward to reconstruction. There will be things we’ve gained which we want to retain. There will be things we’ve lost which we want to regain. [There might also be things we’ve gained which we’re happy to lose and things we’ve lost which we’re happy to leave behind!]
I am not a builder! But I do know one thing. Construction requires solid foundations. As you look to rebuild your life…what will you build it on? As a Christian my life is built on Jesus Christ. He is a tried and tested foundation. Many have built their lives on him, and have not regretted it. We can build our lives on his words and teaching (and much of our society, history and culture still is – whether we like it or not!) And we can also build our lives on what he has done. He lived the perfect life that we could never live. He died a death to bring us forgiveness. And he rose again to bring us new life. That’s a foundation I can build on. How about you? 
Rich T