Dr Dan Poulter May 2020

As I sit to write this month’s article, we continue to live in incredibly challenging circumstances, with the Coronavirus restrictions continuing to impact upon our day to day lives.  I’d like to start by thanking each and every one of you for playing your part and staying at home, helping to protect our NHS and saving lives.

During this important national fight against COVID-19, I have been given leave by the Government to return to the frontline of the NHS working as a doctor, but I want you to know that I am still here to help you as your local MP and continue to stand up for the best interests of Suffolk.

I am in touch with my office on a regular basis, where I am briefed fully and give regular instructions on constituency matters and how to help people locally who may be in need.  My team and I are working extraordinarily long hours dealing with a hugely increased workload, helping people to access vital daily support, return home from overseas and providing advice to businesses to access Government grants.

We are very lucky indeed to live in Suffolk and I have been heartened to hear so many stories of communities coming together and individuals going out of their way to help elderly and vulnerable neighbours. It is times like these which bring out the best in people and I am proud to call Suffolk my home.

Suffolk’s “Home But Not Alone” scheme is an outstanding example of the public and voluntary sector coming together to deliver help to those who need it.  The number for those in need of genuine help is 0800 876 6926 lines continue to be staffed from 9am to 5pm 7 days a week.

Many businesses have been in touch welcoming the measures put in place by the Treasury, but of course there are still some who are left behind and falling through the net.  The likelihood of social distancing measures lasting for many months, or even a year, is likely to put considerable strain on our pubs and restaurants.  That’s why I have written to the Chancellor to raise these concerns and I am hopeful that more can be done to help our local businesses and in particular, our pubs, cafes and restaurants in the weeks and months ahead.

As ever, I would like to close by paying tribute to my NHS colleagues, the Police and the many others on the frontline of our public services who are putting others before themselves to help in this crucial fight against Coronavirus.

If you would like my help, please visit my website www.drdanielpoulter.com for the latest information.