Debenham Library (April 2020)

    Friends of Debenham Library

    Currently Debenham Library is closed and mobile libraries and the home library service are suspended.
    However you can still use all our online services for audiobooks, ebooks, films and other services. Go to

    On our Facebook page ( you will find some reviews of Junior Nonfiction books  by Sue, and soon a tour of the library and of the library garden.

    If you want to return your books, please put them in our black bin outside the library. Don’t worry about fines—there won’t be any. All items have been renewed automatically until August.

    Join our film mailing list (email so you don’t miss out! We can’t show films, but meanwhile details are being circulated of various free films you can watch at home.

    Tel: 01728 861940
    Facebook: @DebenhamLibraryFriends

    School corner, Debenham IP14 6PL (next to the Primary School).


    Mickfield Evangelical Church (April 2020)

    With all that has been happening so far this year, we have never been more aware of our own fragility and mortality, or more in awe (and hope) of our immune systems.

    The way our immune system fights off viruses really is incredible. When a foreign invader attacks, various types of white blood cells jump right into action to destroy the invaders. The average white cell lives only a few hours but a select few will live for 60-70 years, checking in at their assigned lymph gland every few minutes. The lymph gland is where the body stores these white blood cells, where they wait, ready for action.

    These master white blood cells safeguard the chemical defence plans that remind the body how to quickly respond to previous threats.

    When a new invader attacks, a circulating lymphocyte cell will touch it, remember its shape, and rush to the nearest lymph gland where this information is conveyed to thousands of other lymphocytes that then produce billions of antibodies.

    These antibodies (only 1000th the size of bacteria) cling to the invader like moss to a tree and soften them up ready for the attack of the white cell.

    Vaccinations and Immunisation work on this principle. With some diseases we can inject a weakened or even a dead strain of a virus and the body will produce antibodies that will lie in wait, ready to fight off a genuine attack of that disease.

    Remarkably, in remote or poor areas where no vaccine is available, in some cases they are able to use something called convalescent serum. This is where you take the serum of a patient that has recently recovered from a disease and use it to passively immunise the current sufferer. Because the first patient has already overcome the disease, the serum contains the antibodies with the attack plans for the current sufferer to fight it and win. I recently read of a missionary (a hand surgeon working with leprosy patients) who experienced the need for this practice during his life in India. His daughter contracted measles and she had not been vaccinated. They lived way up in the mountains away from any hospitals, and when it looked like she would not survive, they were able to use the serum of someone who had already contracted measles, overcome it, and had the appropriate defence plans against it. The daughter responded well to the treatment and survived.

    Numerous times the Bible describes Jesus as an overcomer. In John 16:33 Jesus said, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

    Jesus is also described as someone who has overcome sin and temptation, and even death itself.

    When Christians partake in the communion wine symbolizing Jesus’ shed blood for us, we are reminding ourselves symbolically of the benefits that his life as an overcomer brings us. Because he has lived, and been through all we go through; been tempted, been in pain, been persecuted, been homeless, been poor, been lonely, been hungry, been bereaved, etc he is able to help us to get through all these things. Ultimately because he has defeated even death and risen again, we share in that same hope, even in the face of our own mortality.

    I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble.But take heart! I have overcome the world. (John 16:33)

    A couple of notes:

    -If you found this article interesting, a lot of the info was taken and edited from the book ‘In His Image’ by Dr Paul Brand and Philip Yancey which I highly recommend.

    -While the convalescent serum method is being looked into hopefully by scientists for use in vaccinations with the coronavirus, it certainly isn’t safe for anyone to try and implement themselves.



    I have created a Stonham Aspal Crossword. All the answers can be found on the Internet ... I will give a prize at the end of April to the winning entry (if there is more than one, the winner will be decided by a random draw) You can download a PDF version for printing here.

    Please email me with your entry.


    Coronavirus update

    We've delivered contacts to everyone in the village - for anyone isolated to get in touch with a neighbour ...

    Thanks to all who responded and added their names.


    Men's Breakfast 14th March

    We had an interesting talk on Vetting with a Breakfast at the Village Hall - with lots of interesting history, and some savage looking tools! A good turn out this morning.

    Tool selection!


    Tennis pages updated for 2020 to 2021

    The Tennis pages and forms have been updated for 2020 to 2021.

    See The Tennis pages for details


    Updating news issues


    Sorry, I'm having trouble updating the news, do look to other information sources such as:

    • The Facebook Pages

    • The Community Council and Ten Village news


    December Events

    30th November Christmas Bazaar VH

    6 Quiz VH

    9 Cinema VH 8pm "Yesterday"

    12 Quiz Football Club 8pm

    14 Men's Breakfast VH 8.20 am

    14 Village Cabaret VH

    20 Third Friday Inn VH

    24 Lunchtime drinks Football Club

    • Santa's Sleigh

    • Village Hall open

    24 January Burns night VH


    Stonham Aspal Village Cinema

    8PM in the Village Hall, £3 for refreshments

    5th November - Belle

    9th December - Yesterday

    7th January - TBA

    6th February - Fishermans Friends

    3rd March - TBA


    Village November events

    15            SAVH   7.30PM           3RD FRIDAY INN

    18                                                 WI AGM

    30             SAVH   10-3                 CHRISTMAS EXTRAVAGANZA

    6 DEC        SAVH   7.30PM           QUIZ NIGHT

    14 DEC       SAVH   7.30PM           CABARET NIGHT

    14 DEC       SAVH   8.30AM           MENS BREAKFAST


    What's On in November, St Mary & St Lambert Stonham Aspal with Mickfield Church

    3rd Sun 6.30pm Evening Service of Light
    7th Thur 8.50-11.30am Coffee Inn-200 Club Draw
    7pm Home group
    10th Sun 10.45am Remembrance for All
    12th Tue 7.30pm PCC meeting
    14th Thur 8.50-11.30am Coffee Inn
    7pm Home group
    17th Sun 9.30am Holy Communion
    21st Thur 8.50-11.30am Coffee Inn
    7pm Home group
    24th Sun 9.30am Worship & Praise
    with Baptism of Leo Gedney
    28th Thur 8.50-11.30am Coffee Inn –
    Making the Advent Wreath
    7pm Home group
    30th Sat 10am-3pm Christmas Extravaganza V/H

    An Evening Service of Light

    Sunday 3rd November 6.30pm

    This special Evening Service will give you the opportunity to light a candle in memory of

    your loved ones. As you arrive you will be able to add a name to be read out during the service. Everyone welcome.

    Refreshments will be served afterwards.

    St Mary and St Lambert, Stonham Aspal and Mickfield


    Churchyard Autumn Clear Up

    Saturday 5th October from10 am to midday.

    Once again people with strimmers, rakes, pruning tools, spades / shovels and wheelbarrows will be very welcome to come and tidy up grass, shrubs and around gravestones ready for the winter.

    There will be coffee, tea and biscuits and the satisfaction of seeing the churchyard look tidy.

    Many thanks to all those who have already put in a lot of work with hedge and grass cutting during the year.

    Enquiries to John Ince 01449 711365 or David Tydeman 01449 711124


    What's on in October at Stonham Aspal Church.

    3rd Thur 8.50-11.30am Coffee Inn, 200 club Draw 7pm Home group 5th Sat 10am to midday Churchyard Autumn Clear Up 6th Sun 6.30pm Evensong 9th Wed 9.30am School Harvest Service 10th Thur 8.50-11.30am Coffee Inn 7pm Home group 11th Fri 7.30pm Harvest Choral Evensong with Choir, supporting The Addington Fund. Followed by shared supper. 12th Sat 1pm Wedding of Sophie Snell and Scott Gregory 13th Sun 9.30am Harvest for All, supporting Stowmarket Food Bank 14th Mon 9.15am Pre-School Harvest Service 17th Thur 8.50-11.30am Coffee Inn 7pm Home group 20th Sun 10am Benefice Wholeness & Healing Service with Holy Communion at Earl Stonham 6.30pm Benefice Wholeness & Healing Service at Gosbeck 24th Thur 10-11.30am Coffee Inn 7pm Homegroup 27th Sun 9.30am Worship and Praise 31st Thur 8.50-11.30am Coffee Inn 7pm Home group


    October Village events

    3rd 8.00 pm     Cinema,
    Red Joan, VH

    4th 7.30pm      Quiz
    night, VH

    6th 12am          Two
    seater club, meet VH

    10th 8pm         Bingo
    night, VH

    18th 7.30pm    Third
    Friday Inn, VH

    Future events

    14th December            Cabaret
    night, VH


    September Village Events


    4          School back

    11        VH 8PM Village Cinema – Finding Neverland

    12        VH 8PM Bingo

    13        Church 8.50-11.30
    Coffee Inn Air Ambulance Collection

    14        VH 8.30AM Men’s
    Breakfast Forensic Ballistics and HK Triad

    14        Suffolk
    Historic Churches Cycle ride

    20        VH 7.30PM Third
    Friday Inn

    27        Church 8.50-11.30
    Coffee Inn Macmillan Collection

    28        VH 7PM
    Pudding Night and Quiz


    3 Oct   VH Cinema

    19 Oct VH 6PM Evening
    Bar, Karaoke, Disco etc.

    For details see the Community Council magazine


    What's on in September, Stonham Aspal Church

    1st Sun 6.30pm Evening Prayer

    5th Thur 10-11.30am Coffee Inn – 200 Club Draw

    7pm Home group

    8th Sun 9.30am Education Sunday – Worship for All

    12th Thur 8.50-11.30am Coffee Inn

    7pm Home group venue

    14th Sat Ride and Stride – Suffolk Historic Churches

    15th Sun 9.30am Holy Communion

    19th Thur 8.50-11.30am Coffee Inn

    7pm Homegroup

    22nd Sun 9.30am Worship and Praise

    26th Thur 8.50-11.30am Coffee Inn – MacMillan

    7pm Homegroup

    29th Sun 10am 8 Parish Holy Communion at Coddenham



    Benefice Holy Communion with confirmation and Commissioning, Stonham Aspal Church.

    This very special and unusual service will take place on Sunday 18th at 10am. Parishioners from all the churches in the North Bosmere Benefice will celebrate Holy Communion. The Revd Cannon Mike Harrison, the Bishop of Dunwich (better known as Bishop Mike) will be in attendance. During the service the Confirmation of Debbie Wagstaff and the Commissioning of David Tydeman, Elizabeth Ince, Alex Pratt and Mary Payne as Lay Elders will take place. Everyone is invited and refreshments will be served at the end.


    Stonham Aspal events

    Stonham Aspal Events


    2nd 1930 Quiz night SAVH


    6th 2000 SAVH CINEMA Summer Holiday

    8th 2000 SAVH BINGO

    16th 1930 Third Friday inn

    24-25  SAVH 1000-1500 SAVH - August opening Lunches, stalls etc.


    1st SAVH 1200 Two seater Club – bring a picnic


    Whats On in August Stonham Aspal Church

    1st Thur from 10am Coffee Inn

    3rd Sat 10am Ladies that Brunch

    4th Sun 6.30pm Evening Prayer

    8th Thur from 10am Coffee Inn

    11th Sun 9.30am Faith for All

    15th Thur from 10am Coffee Inn

    18th 10am 8 Parish Holy Communion with Confirmation and Commissioning of Lay Elders by Bishop Mike

    22nd Thur from 10am Coffee Inn

    24th & 25th Sat & Sun 10am to 3pm Bank Holiday Refreshments and stalls in the Village Hall

    25th Sun 9.30am Worship and Praise

    27th Tue PCC Meeting

    29th Thur from 10am Coffee Inn


    Parish Council Meeting Tuesday 16th July 7:30pm at the Village Hall

    Included on this months agenda
    Ipswich Northern Route - members of the Parish Council attended a meeting with Dr Dan Poulter MP on 11th July

    Babergh and Mid Suffolk Joint Local Plan,  The draft was presented to the full council In June and proposes a change in Stonham Aspal's status from secondary village to a core village

    Full meeting agenda


    WORSHIP FOR ALL on Rural Mission Sunday – 14 July 9.30am

    Come and hear a talk by The Venerable Sally Gaze, Archdeacon for Rural Mission.

    Our next Worship for All will be at 9.30am 14 July.  As it is Rural Mission Sunday we will be using that as the theme.  As always there will be something for everyone at this service.  We are very fortunate that the newly appointed Archdeacon for Rural Mission, The Venerable Sally Gaze has agreed to come and speak to us.  Everyone welcome.  Refreshments afterwards.


    Ipswich Northern route

    See the web site for details. Looks as though any proposal will have an effect on us ... see the map below for details.

    Proposed routes


    July What's on at Stonham Aspal Church


    4th Thur 8.50-11.30am  Coffee Inn

                 7pm Homegroup

     6th July  10am Ladies that Brunch, Greenacre

     7th  Sun  6.30pm Evensong

     11th Thur 8.50-11.30am  Coffee Inn   

    7pm Homegroup

    14th Sun  9.30am Worship for All, Rural Mission Sunday, with a talk by the Venerable Sally Gaze, Archdeacon for Rural Mission.

    18th Thur 8.50-11.30am  Coffee In

    7pm Final Homegroup before summer break

    21st   Sun  9.30am Holy Communion

    24th Wed  2pm School Leavers’ Service

    25th Thur 10-11.30am  Coffee Inn

    28th  Sun 9.30am Worship and Praise


    Ladies that Brunch - Sat 6th July 10am

    Greenacre, Debenham Road, Stonham Aspal

     On the menu: Fresh Fruit salad, Fruit Juice, Bacon, Egg, Sausage, Black pudding, Tomato, Beans, Mushrooms, Toast, Jam, Marmalade Pastries,Tea, Coffee, Herbal Teas

     Seats can be,reserved on receipts of £10 Ticket money, please contact me on, or 01449 711393 specifying any dietary needs.

     Profits from brunches at ‘Greenacre’ this year are going to the Church repair fund. Thank you to those who attended in May, this enabled me to pass on to the Church £100, which is brilliant. Our next large project will be the installation of toilet facilities, after a positive meeting with the DAC, plans are now being drawn by the architect. Your support in keeping this listed village building in good maintenance is appreciated enormously.

     Looking forward to welcoming friends old and new

    Alex Pratt


    Thanks and Praise Service, Sun 2nd June 4pm

    St Mary and St Lambert, Stonham Aspal and Mickfield are holding a special service to thank all those who help or support the church in any way. Everyone is welcome as we Worship and Praise, giving thanks for everyone's time and effort. Tea and cakes will be served afterwards.


    May Bank Holiday Weekend

    Sat 25th & Sun 26th 10am to 3pm Stonham Aspal Village Hall. 

    Please join us to help raise funds for the Church. There will be a plant stall, Wood Turners and tombola. Hot Lunches and refreshments will also be available. If you are able to help on either day or could provide cakes/tombola prizes then please get in touch. Your support is appreciated. or call (01449) 7115174

    Rogation Walk Sun 26th May 2.30pm from Broughton Hall

    Rogation Sunday this year falls on the 26th, when we walk to join members of our Church Benefice for a service and tea. Meet us at 2.30pm at Broughton Hall front yard, we will walk to Stonham Parva, stopping on route to sing, beat the bounds and worship. If the walk is not suitable please come along to the service which will be around 4pm. We will then continue from there to Earl Stonham Church room for a delicious tea.  As Stonham Parva Church is having repairs the service will be outside, if wet it will be held in Earl Stonham Church. The route is suitable for pushchairs and dogs, please do join us!


    Oil Theft in Stonham Aspal

    Police are appealing for information after heating oil was stolen from a tank at a home in Stonham Aspal.

    At around 5.30pm yesterday, Thursday 2nd May, a resident at the property realised that around 600ltrs of heating oil had been stolen from the tank at their home in Debenham Road.

    Witnesses or anybody with any information should contact Suffolk Police by completing an online report update via the force website quoting CAD reference 286 of 2nd May.

    Alternatively, contact the police on the non-emergency telephone number 101.


    Stonham Aspal and Mickfield Church, £1,000 Award Nomination

    Ecclesiastical Insurance are running a grant applications of £1,000 for Charity projects. The form is super small and simple. We would love you to nominate our 'Toilet project'. Holding the free coffee mornings each week, school and preschool services, having events where food is served are but a few of the times when a toilet and hand washing facilities would be heaven.
    Please click on the link below, when it asks for the Charity number, please tick the exempt box as Church's do not have to have a number. The more nominations we have the more chance we have of a £1,000 award.
    Thanking you in anticipation.


    Ladies that Brunch

    Sat 4th May 10am, Greenacre, Debenham Road, Stonham Aspal

    On the menu: Fresh Fruit salad, Fruit Juice, Bacon, Egg, Sausage, Black pudding, Tomato, Beans, Mushrooms,Toast, Jam, Marmalade Pastries, Tea, Coffee, Herbal Teas.

    Seats can be reserved on receipts of £10 Ticket money, please contact me on alexjenkson@btopenworld.comor 01449 711393 specifying any dietary needs.

    Profits from brunches at ‘Greenacre’ this year are going to the Church repair fund. Thank you to those who attended in March, this enabled me to pass on to Church £100, which is brilliant. Our next large project will be the installation of toilet facilities. We had our first meeting with the DAC (Diocesan Advisory Committee) recently, so we can now start planning a way forward. Your support in keeping this listed village building in good maintenance is appreciated enormously. Looking forward to welcoming friends old and new.




    Sunday 28th April 3.30pm
    Please join us as we sing prasie to God and Welcome Kit Tydeman into our Church family here in Stonham Aspal. The Church Band will lead us with some wonderful Celtic Songs, looking forward to raising the roof with our singing.



    PALMS  FOR ALL 14th April- A special Worship for All service on Palm Sunday.
    We meet at the football field 9.30am to walk behind the donkey and a service as we travel along the street. The service concludes in Church, and fellowship continues with refreshments. Everyone welcome.

    Red Gables Saturday 6th April Play 2.30pm

    "We'll meet again" at the Red Gables (Ipswich Road Stowmarket IP14 1BE) in aid of their Charity projects: Tickets £5. Refreshments included. Saturday 6th April at 2PM.

    Red Gables


    Parish Council

    The Parish Council meeting is at 7pm on Tuesday 16th April and will be followed by the Annual Parish Meeting at 7:30pm .




     1st Mon 9.15am Pre School Easter service

    3rd Wed 7.30pm Annual Parochial Meeting

    4th Thur 8.50-11.30am Coffee Inn- 200 club draw
    2pm School Easter end of term service
    7pm Homegroup

    6th Sat 10am to Midday Church yard Clear up

    7th Sun 6.30pm Evensong

    11th Thur 10-11.30am Coffee Inn
    7pm Homegroup

    14th Sun 9.30am Palms for All, meet at the football field

    18th Thur 10-11.30am Coffee Inn
    7pm Maundy Thursday, Communion Creeting St Peter

    19th Fri 8.30am Good Friday Worship for All, followed by hot cross buns at Threeways.

    20th Sat From 9am Church dec orated for Easter day

    21st Sun 5.30am First Light on the Cart Track, meet at
    Broughton Hall, followed by bacon rolls and coffee at Halls Garden house.
    9.30am Sung Communion with Benefice choir

    25th Thur 8.50-11.30am Coffee Inn
    7pm Homegroup

    28th Sun 3.30pm Celtic Songs of Praise with the Six Village band and Baptism


    Dance to Live Band Stonham Aspal Village Hall 13th April 7.30 pm.

    Tickets are on sale for 'Kio' playing on sat 13th April, Stonham Aspal Village Hall. We have a Bar and will be holding a raffle.Tickets £8.50 Family £25 (2 adults + 2 children under 16) £5 per extra child. Contact Sue 01449 711250 Maria 01449 711530 Bob 01449 711393




    All members of the new Electoral Roll and other parishioners are encouraged to attend St Mary's and St Lambert's Annual Parochial Meeting. This is your chance to elect Churchwardens, question the PCC members about Church affairs, peruse the accounts and make suggestions about any aspect of the work of the church in our village. 

    All are very welcome.

    April Events in Stonham Aspal


    4 8pm Cinema VH

    5 8pm Quiz VH

    11 8pm Bingo VH

    13 7.30pm Kio Live Band Village Hall

    15 10am WI History of Stowmarket

    19 7.30pm Quiz Night VH


    4 10am Ladies that Brunch

    ,25/26 May Day Bank Holiday 10am-3pm Village Hall Refreshments etc.


    Village Cinema - 4th April

    Life on the Deben Film
    Thursday 4th April
    Doors open 7.30 pm
    Film at 8.00 pm
    £3 for refreshments


    Village Cinema

    The Village Hall Cinema is showing The Hatton Garden Job this Wednesday 20th March
    Film starts 8.00pm
    Warning- contains very strong language


    Race night fundraiser on Saturday 23rd March

    The Football Club are holding a Race night fundraiser on Saturday 23rd March at the Clubhouse.

    Bar is open from 6.30pm with the first race at 7.00pm. Everybody welcome to come and have a flutter.

    Entry is FREE, and if you fancy Sausage and Chips supper at £3.00, contact Eric Cousins on 07733 110820.



    SAT 16 MARCH 10am – 12 noon

    Come when and for as long as you are able.


    Please bring elbow grease and enthusiasm to clear away the cob webs and reach into the corners and crevices where the dust and grime collect. Also bring brooms, brushes, dustpans, polish etc. Removing dirt and dust will reveal the beauty of our ancient building. We could do with YOUR help to achieve as much as possible. Everyone is welcome. Your reward will be refreshments and knowing that working in a team can have wonderful results. Thank you .


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    Ecclesiastical Insurance-how to help your local Church!

    Ecclesiastical Insurance are offering to give £130 to your local church if you arrange your home insurance through them. Web address or call 0800 783 0130 and quote TRUST 130. Valid for new policies up to 31st December 2019. It’s to celebrate their 130 years in business.

    Please get a quote from them when you come to renew your policy and support Stonham Aspal Church.


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    March events

    2nd March 10AM Ladies that Brunch

    9th March Mens Breakfast 8.30PM

    14th March 8PM Quiz VH

    15th March Third Friday Inn VH from 7.30PM

    18th March WI History of a Suffolk Bevan Boy

    20th March Cinema VH 8.00 PM The Bookshop


    5th April Quiz Night VH 7.30 for 8.00PM

    13th April KIO Live Band VH from 7.30 PM

    **Note: The 200 Club needs a coordinator - this helps raise money - Contact Sue Turnbull for details


    Roadworks this Month (February 2019)


    Mickfield Road, Stonham Aspal, Suffolk18 February — 22 FebruaryDelays likely Road closureWorks location: the full length of road... Works description: Road repairs and patching for surface dressing....Responsibility for works: Suffolk Current status: Advanced planning Works reference: LY300MRSAARC 
    Mill Green, Stonham Aspal, Suffolk18 February — 22 FebruaryDelays likely Road closureWorks location: the full length of road... Works description: Road repairs and patching for surface dressing....Responsibility for works: Suffolk Current status: Advanced planning Works reference: LY300MGSARC 
    Scotts Hill, Stonham Aspal, Suffolk18 February — 22 FebruaryDelays likely Road closureWorks location: the full length of road... Works description: Road repairs and patching for surface dressing....Responsibility for works: Suffolk Current status: Advanced planning Works reference: LY300SHSARC 



    Sat 13th April - Stonham Aspal Village Hall
    Due to the success of last years event when 'Kio' played we are able to bring you another live band event with them.
    As last year, tickets are £8.50, Family £25 (2x adults +2 children under 16) extra children £5
    Doors open 7.30pm, Bar, Raffle

    For further details or tickets please contact
    Bob Pratt 01449 711393
    Maria Tydeman 01449 711530
    Sue Turnbull 01449 711250


    Snowdrops Soup & Sweets

    Wander around the snowdrops at
    Elm Farm, Stonham Aspal and then enjoy delicious refreshments
    Sunday 17 Feb, 11am -3pm
    Entrance £1, Children 50p
    Buy soup, a sweet, Tea, coffee and cake
    More details: 01449 711316
    In aid of Stonham Aspal Church Funds