Monthly Archives: April 2016


1) Saturday, 21st May, 6.30pm onwards, pop up pub, with traditional and non traditional games and pizzas will be available,
2) Fun day, Saturday 4th June, Football Club.
3) General ask/request, for Queens 90th birthday celebrations, on Sunday, 12th June a party/picnic at church/hall is being organised, bunting is being put up through out village and it has been suggested that people may like to decorate, their house fronts/road sides, with red, white, blue flowers/decorations.

Events update

April 2016
Quiz, Friday 1st, 8pm
Bingo, Thursday 14th, 8pm
Pub nite, Friday 15th
Cinema, Wednesday 20th

May 2016
Pre-school quiz, Friday, 6th.
Bingo, Thursday 12th, 8pm
Cinema, Wednesday 18th, 7.30pm for 8pm start.
Pub night, Friday 20th, 7.30pm onwards